Springtime in Provence

Spring is finally here and Mother's Day is right around the corner! It's time for the Springtime in Provence Box from Les Pastras and we've made the contents extra-sweet. Treat yourself or someone you love to a little taste of Provence, and know that your purchase is a responsible one, because all packages shipped from Les Pastras are now carbon-neutral, at no extra cost to you.

Chocolate Caramel and Salted Caramel Spread/Sauce

These decadent spreads/sauces are made by a charming man named Clément with an artisanal ice cream and sweet shop in the village of Lourmarin. We're so pleased to support him and his work by including his artisanal products in this season's box. They're a delight!

Chocolate Confit Oranges by C en Provence

Clément's specialty is these confit oranges covered in dark chocolate. We break them out on special occasions or enjoy one with an afternoon tea or coffee just to treat ourselves to something nice on an ordinary day.

Les Pastras Truffle Oil

Our organic truffle oil is a welcome addition to almost any dish and is guaranteed to add flavor and sophistication to steak, eggs, pizza, pasta, and more.

Les Pastras Truffle Honey

Our raw organic honey has been lovingly infused with black truffles right here at Les Pastras. It's a perfect accompaniment for grilling season! Use to glaze roasted pork loin, grilled duck breasts, or create your own truffle honey and mustard dipping sauce for grilled chicken. If firing up the grill sounds like too much work, just drizzle on top of some chèvre. Easy!

Les Pastras Truffle Salt

This truffle-infused fleur de sel has more truffles than any other salt on the market: 10%. And it's good on absolutely everything. Jazz up your steaks, salads, or scrambled eggs for a touch of Provence wherever you are.

Les Pastras Organic Olive Oil

This organic extra virgin olive oil is all your summer salads and grilled vegetables need! Our favorite thing is garden fresh tomatoes with truffle salt and this oil. Sometimes we even add basil and mozzarella. But honestly, the flavor is so wonderful, it doesn't need it.

Les Pastras Wine/Veuve Virey Champagne

Let's drink a toast to the long-awaited arrival of summer! This gift box includes your choice of Les Pastras Red or Rosé, or a bottle of Veuve Virey Champagne, made by Johann's cousins in the Champagne region of France.

Each box is beautifully wrapped and contains a handwritten card. The Springtime in Provence box is 125€ plus shipping and there are only 50, so don't delay! We can ship your box to coincide with a birthday, wedding, or the occasion of your choice. 

Just e-mail us at [email protected] to place an order. Merci beaucoup!

Les Pastras box