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Your mother deserves the very best this year, so treat her to a cheerful box of the finest from Les Pastras! Each box is 125€ plus shipping. Floral gift wrap with fresh Provençal herbs and tulle bow, gift card and complimentary bag of lavender are included. Contact us at [email protected] with questions or to order.

Truffle trio

Our bestselling Truffle Oil, Truffle Salt, and Truffle Honey.

Lavender trio

With a luxurious fragrance of Provence, the Lavender Oil, Lavender Body Balm and Lavender Facial Toner make great gifts for men and women.

Wine or Champagne

Your choice of Les Pastras Red or Rosé, or Veuve Virey Champagne, made by our family in Landreville in the Champagne region.

Truffle Vodka

Premium French vodka infused with black winter truffles. What could possibly make a more decadent martini? Moscow Mule? Bloody Mary? White Russian? Whatever you like to sip on a clear night under the stars, this truffle vodka will make it extra-special.


Les Pastras box